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Greenwald Caterers is a world renowned caterer based out of Lakewood NJ,. With over 25 years experience their flavorful dishes has brought them everywhere across America - from weddings to governors mansions and everywhere in between.

Their attention to detail and taste is what has given them the reputation in the kosher industry as the leading kosher caterer. Over Pesach you will find yourself enjoying elegantly served dinners.

You will be served the choicest of fine veal, lamb, duck and prime ribs and the freshest sea bass and salmon. This will be served alongside the farmers best choice of garden fresh vegetables and finished with elegant fine desserts.

The plentiful tea rooms and buffets will wow even the biggest food lovers. Your dietary needs will not intervene with your amazing getaway, we cater to all dietary needs without compromising on taste and elegance.

Mr. Isaac  Greenwald -  owner of Greenwald Caterers who has been operating Pesach hotels for 25 yrs will be personally overseeing all the aspects of the catering and food service the entire Yom Tov.

World-Class Cuisine

Greenwald Caterers Popups

Throughout Pesach guests can enjoy our:

  • Bakery: No better way to start the day then a fresh coffee and warm pastry. With a array of coffees as well as an assortment of pastries you will start your morning off on the right foot.

  • Grab and Go: We will be by your side on all your outings. With our self serve grab and go kiosks you will find filling and delicious snacks so you can enjoy your outing worry free.

  • Italian Fare: Pizza, pasta, gelato are the Italian staples and you can enjoy all of them in one location with exciting toppings and flavors to satisfy all your cravings

  • Candyland: We all have that sweet tooth craving and with our boutique shoppe we are sure you will satisfy it, and then some.

  • Sushi: Sushi, poke, sashimi the options are endless with our master Japanese sushi chefs creating the most delectable rolls and dishes for a little snack.

  • Hand Crafted Cocktails By:


Mike Salas

Executive Chef


Chef Mike has been with the Greenwald brand for over 25 years. With his extensive knowledge in the kosher culinary world, we are sure you will enjoy the vast array of dishes you will be served. Chef Mike is known for his heimesh touch on trending dishes, as well as modern touches on your Bubby's favorite dish. Chef Mike has experience in conventions, retreats, house parties, mega events, political events, and everything in between. With his farm to table approach and his signature elegance on the plate we are confident you will be going back for more.

Ron Mader

Service Manager


Ron Mader Is well known in the kosher industry serving with the Greenwald Brand for over 20 years from running 6000 person dinners to 10 person family meetings. Mr. Mader is there to make sure everything runs smoothly from elegant buffets to tableside service Mr. Mader will be there to assure your satisfaction with his extensive experience in the industry.

Dining Rooms

With many small dining rooms, this hotel allows for a spacious and quiet dining. Private seder rooms and private dining rooms available upon request.

Special Diets

We are pleased to  offer special menu options for guests with special diet needs. Salt-free, sugar-free, low-sodium, nut-free, specific allergies, etc our chefs try to accommodate all dietary requests.

Children's Dining

We offer kid-friendly options at our meals. We also offer special children's dinner when dinner is late in the evening.

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